For the night swim the current plan is to meet down at Sandycove before 7:45pm with the intention of being in the water for 8:00pm. Please keep an eye on FB and the website, the weather does not look great but at the moment the plan is to go ahead. There will be a further call on the night as to whether we can do a circuit or stay inside the island.  Usual guidelines for this swim, no beginners or inexperienced swimmers, this is not the time for your first circuit of the island. Wetsuits are compulsory, the water is cold. We will use the “buddy” system; you will partner with someone of the same approximate ability and you stay with that person, checking at the first and second corners at a minimum.  It is important that you know your partner before starting out and report both safe in at the end. For those coming alone we will help with arranging temporary marriages on the night. We will supply simple glow sticks, if anyone has bright sticks or other water lights bring them. We will ask any non CTC members to sign a “swim competence/disclaimer form” before going in the water.  We hope to have at least one support kayak, this will not be full safety coverage but just some help if there is an issue.  GOOD NEIGHBOURS!!! Remember there is not much parking, try to car pool; do not block in any houses or driveways, keep the noise down and be good guests in the neighbourhood. Bring flasks and some nibbles for after, if it is too cold we will adjourn to one of the local hostelries.  SWIM SAFE.