LeisureWorld Swim Sessions Oct – Dec 2016


The Tuesday evening swim sessions in Leisureworld, Bishopstown will be starting on October 11th at the usual time of 8:45pm.  Brian Clifford will coach the sessions.  They will run for 10 weeks to December 13th.  It is yet to be confirmed if separate beginners stroke coaching will be made available.

The Thursday morning sessions will run from October 13th to December 15th at the usual time of 7am.  Brendan O’ Neill will coach this session.

The cost for both sessions is €50.  To register for these sessions you must be a current club member.  As usual, we’re asking that people don’t register for a particular session and then turn up for one of the other sessions.  Once a session is full, it’s full.

Register for Tues session.

Register for Thurs session.