Track Session Wednesday 25th May

Athletics Track_UCCBack to 400s again this week with the usual option, either 10 or 12.  At theis number we will divide the session into 2 sets of 5/6 with an easy 400m jog between.  Usual set format of warm up, dynamic stretch, strides and the main set followed by a cool down.  Weather should be ok, although there is a possibility of some late in the evening hopefully it will stay dry for the session.  meet at the usual time of 7:00pm on the Sonia O’Sullivan Track in the UCC grounds at the Mardyke.  Usual problems with car parking.


Easy warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch

5 x 60m strides

2 x (5/6 x 400m with 200m easy jog recovery)

400m easy jog between the 2 sets

Cool down