Thanks for help at the Try a Tri

Dock-Beach-KinsaleJust a very brief note to say thanks to everyone who helped out with the Try a Tri today.  It was great to see so many of our more experienced members turn up to help our less experienced colleagues.  I’m going to risk offending someone (or more) by naming a few people.  The bulk of the work was done by the club social committee, Joanne Hegarty, Michelle Manning, Ronan McCarthy and Katie O’Sullivan.  Thanks to Jeff Castles for bringing down the transition gear an leading the swim briefing, Trevor Woods for leading the transition talks and the cycle.  John Carey brought down the kayaks and the kayakers, very reassuring to have them around with so many beginners in the water (inaugural voyage of the Cork Tri kayak).  Kieran Kennedy for leading out the run.  I am not going to try to name all the other people who buddied up with the inexperienced open water swimmers and those who brought bike to accompany the cycle, you know who you are, thanks.  Great to have our neighbours from Kinsale Tri join us, thanks to Siobhan Devlin for coordinating and ensuring that all their newbies had water buddies, look forward to meeting up at a few of the aquathons and open water swims over the summer.  Thanks to ever present Steve Evans for hanging around until the end and helping loading and unloading the gear to the lock-up, photographs to follow I’m sure. Great that Katie Hickson could use to occasion to pass on club gear, great job as usual.   Hope I haven’t missed anyone critical, apologies in advance if I have, thanks to all, Brendan.