Track Session Wednesday April 27th

Athletics Track_UCCBack to repeat 400s this week, with the option of either 10 or 12 depending on fitness level.  Athletes should be noting their times over the different distances for comparison as  we repeat the distances.  Usual format for the session, warm up, dynamic stretch, strides and main set.  As usual the session starts at 7:00pm on the UCC track on the Mardyke.  Remember no parking inside(!).  There is space on the streets around plus in the car parks at the end of the Straight Road.  As usual St Finbarr’s have the track before us so respect their space if you arrive early for a warm up.  Just a small point but if you wear “racing flats” for either road races or triathlon, its a good idea to do the track session in these rather than heavier training shoes.



5-10 min easy run warmup

Dynamic stretch

5 x 60m strides

10/12 x 400m with approx 90s recovery jog

easy jog cool down