Sunday Cycle, Jan 31st

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nTemperatures are due to pick up again on Sunday after a dip on Saturday.  Our regular companion, wind, is due to show up again.  A stiff westerly is forecast with speeds picking up towards lunchtime.  There might be a shower or two but nothing torrential.

After some consecutive weeks of hilly terrain, this week we’re going to ease off a little on the altimeter use this week.  The shorter route for this week has less than half of the climbing of last week, similarly the with the longer route.  Effort levels should be kept up to the usual standard so you should expect a higher average speed than last week.

Due to more flat riding this week it’s a good time to revisit group riding and rollup etiquette.  We’ll go through the basics again before setting of on Sunday so people can practise on their spin.  Suggested groups of 6-10 will be formed based on preferred pace.

Those interested in bike racing should be on time to head out with the front group as they will be working on sprints and other race specific skills.

Leaving from City Hall @ 9am.