Wednesday Run January 27th

Girl_run_toonLooks like there is a strong possibility of a break in the weather tomorrow evening and we won’t have to run through a deluge.  The session is straight forward enough descending from 6 min right through to 1 min with 90s intervals between.  Meet at the usual time 6:30pm at the car park opposite the Crow’s Nest Pub.  Be great if as many as possible can bring hi-viz and torches, we will be missing Ann Payne.  Again for any prospective beginners the main session is run on a 1km loop so no one gets dropped.


Easy jog from Crow’s Nest to Business Park on the Model Farm Road

6 x 60m strides

6min tempo, 90s jog

5min tempo, 90s jog

4min tempo, 90s jog

3min tempo, 90s jog

2min tempo, 90s jog

1min tempo, 90s jog

Easy run back to Straight Road