Sunday cycle including beginner cycle, Jan 24th

12039565_903467206396044_3540691929157600668_nA strong southerly wind is forecast this Sunday with the likelihood of some showers also.  Here are two suggested routes that should suit most of our needs.  The shorter route comes in at just over 70km.  The longer route covers about 90km.  People looking for an even shorter route could head straight to Kinsale from Inishannon and chip off a few more km that way.  Both these routes are reasonably hilly and the spin out into the wind is likely to be challenging.  However the distances have been tapered to be manageable, so keep a steady effort on the way out without exhausting yourselves, and then keep that same steady effort (not speed!) on the way home with the wind at yer backs.  Most likely coffee stop would be in Bishopstown on the way home, but people can judge best themselves on the morning.  This weekend there will also be a beginner cycle, leading the beginner cycle this week are Ger O’Donnell and Niamh Kelly.  The beginners will use an even shorter route to Kinsale, turning right before Inishannon towards Dunderrow.  This route is about 60km and can be seen here.

We’ve been encouraged by the huge turnouts in the last few weeks, in spite of inclement weather. Large groups can be harder to coordinate and focus on road safety can lapse.  Thankfully we’ve had no incidents to speak of, but it’s probably a good time to reiterate a few points of etiquette that often go unspoken on these spins.  Everyone should…

  • Bring appropriate attire for conditions on that day.
  • Bring enough food and water to cover the specified distance.
  • Bring a pump, spare tube(s) and tyre levers and know how to use them.
  • Adhere to the rules of the road.  A key point here is riding no more than two abreast.
  • ‘Call the holes’.  When riding in a group it’s vital that dangerous obstacles on the road are communicated clearly and in time.  Less dangerous obstacles can be signalled with the hand.
  • Study the suggested routes.  Obviously, the routes are just suggestions not dictats. It’s just that we’ve found through experience that having a plan in place beforehand minimises confusion and wasted time on a Sunday morning.  Splits in groups can form and punctures, pitstops, etc can dettach people from groups.  Accepting that, it’s important that everyone knows the route before setting off.  Effort is made to keep the routes interesting and challenging each week.
  • Have a laugh!  Whether you’re interested in a steady spin and a chat or hammering out sprint efforts in preparation for bike racing, there will be someone else with a similar interest in the group. Enjoy it and at the end we all get to have a coffee together and compare groupsets 😉

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.