CTC Turbo Wk2, Jan 11th (Threshold Test)

CTC_Logo_200_200There have been a couple of club members who have mentioned to me that they would be interested in joining the group for a threshold test as they’d never done one before on their own.  So this week we’re publishing the weekly turbo mail to all members and extending the invite to any members with a turbo and heart rate monitor who would be interested in partaking.
As we did for the second session of the previous turbo block, tomorrow we’re providing attendees with the option of doing a heart rate threshold test.  As we discussed before, this threshold test can be used to estimate your threshold heart rate, which is then used to calculate your heart rate zones.  The test comprises of your best 30min effort.  This is a tough session and should probably be skipped if you’re feeling a bit run down or tired, as it would  likely generate less accurate results.  For best results try to be well rested and hydrated before performing the test.  It’s certainly not necessary to perform this as part of a group but it can help to have someone else call out instructions and timings allowing you to focus on pedalling.  Also, there can be solace/motivation in seeing other people suffer while you do 😉
Not everyone will be performing the threshold test so the alternative session is as follows:
Warm Up
10 mins easy
5 mins as 30s right leg, 30s left leg.
5 mins as 20s hard, 40s recovery
Main Set
3 x (
4 min hard 90s easy,
3 min hard, 60s easy,
2 min hard, 2 min easy
Cool Down
10min easy.
Doors open in Highfield RFC hall @ 6:45pm and the warmup starts shortly after.