Sunday Cycle January10th including Beginner Cycle

City_HallSunday cycle this week will incorporate a beginner cycle.  Martin Bohane and Katie Hickson will lead the beginners this week.  Just a reminder for beginners, have a road bike, bring spare tubes and some method of inflating them.  Bring some food (banana, cereal bar or something like this) have a drink on the bike, water or energy drink.  You must have and wear a hardshell helmet.  Wear appropriate clothing.  Also bring about €5 as there will probably be a coffee stop towards the end of the cycle. Meet with the rest of the group at 9:00am at City Hall, please come a little early so that you can chat with Martin and Katie and the group can be organised, as well as getting a short briefing on the protocols of riding in a group.  The suggested route is here but Martin and Katie may decide on something shorter depending on the make up and fitness of the group.

Suggested routes for the main groups are through Coachford as well, but taking a longer way to get there.  The longer route is here and the slightly shorter option is here. Stephen will not be on the spin this week so the speed kings will have to elect a road captain for the day in his absence, so read the map.  Best coffee option is probably Griffins Garden Centre.