Want to kick ass in 2016?

CTC_Logo_200_200Well now is the time to start doing something about it.  Both for health and performance reasons, it’s not a good idea to put your training completely into hibernation over the winter.  If you want to build on the training that you put in this year and give yourself the best chance of improving next year, you should be doing some training through the winter. Now the emphasis of that training will be different from when you were racing or back earlier in the year, but you should be doing something!

There is now a broad range of club training sessions for members to partake in.  We’ve got multiple options for running, swimming, cycling and strength & conditioning sessions to choose from.  Check out the club training schedule for details.  Some of these sessions have started already but as a club we’re trying to put a focus on the start of November as being the real start of training for next season.

Two very popular sessions that we have run previously are the group turbo and core sessions in the Highfield RFC hall.  These sessions will be kicking off again in the first week in November.

The group turbo session on Monday is appropriate for all abilities and will typically include intervals and a proper warmup and warmdown.  The intervals will progress and vary week on week.  We also discuss and practise aspects of pedalling technique and style.  For those with heart rate monitors or power meters we provide the option of a guided threshold test, which will help in the setting up of heart rate and power zones for the next training block.

The core session on Tuesday will incorporate core training, plyometrics and some strength and conditioning.  This will be led by Martin Bohane, club member and personal trainer.

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