Saturday Run and Storage Move, 17 Oct

runnersA cool, clear morning is forecast for Saturday and we’re looking at a (mainly) road run again this week.  Here’s a suggested route that should provide a little of everything.  It passes through a number of parks, along by the water’s edge, up one decent hill and a small bit of trail through a wood.  The run should take just over the hour and a half for someone going at a 5min/km pace.  Lots of opportunities to tweak the route to suit your needs or take shortcuts back to the starting point.  Coffee and a well earned snack then at the farmer’s market in Douglas!

This week we’re looking for a few volunteers to help out with moving items owned by the club from their current storage location in Mahon to the new one in Bawnleigh.  We’d be very grateful if some of the runners or other club members who are available on the morning could help out with the move.  If unsure as to where the current lock up is, please join the runner’s for a coffee at Douglas Court at around 11am and we can head to Mahon together.

Leaving for the run from Douglas Court Shopping centre car park @ 9am.