Saturday cycle, 10th May

Cycle_toonHere’s a great article with tips on good cycling form and technique.  I’ve added the article to the resources page along with a few other links.  There’s quite a bit to digest in it.  Perhaps focus on one skill per ride and try to work on that.

Forecast for the weekend looks windy, particularly on Saturday.  At some point groups are likely to be heading directly into a headwind.  This would be a good chance to work on riding in neat formation operating smooth rollups.  Some suggestions:




  • Ride two abreast and keep as close together as you feel safe doing.  If you’re riding into a headwind, you won’t be travelling as fast so get comfortable being a little closer to the rider beside you.  It saves you having to shout too!
  • Roll up every minute.  It’s going to be hard work on the front so share out the workload.  Also this prevents sheltered riders back in the bunch getting cold….or lazy.
  • Designate one person in the group to call the rollups. It’s easier than trying to synchronise watches 🙂
  • Keep a nice high cadence.  Mashing down on the pedals is inefficient.  Pick the right gear and try to spin at 80-100rpm.
  • Keep the pace steady.  You should have separated out into groups (6-8 riders is ideal) of similar ability by the time you attempt this.  When someone is rolling up to the front and inside lane, he/she shouldn’t try and surge past.  When a rollup is called, the riders on the inside should slow a little.  The riders on the outside maintain the same speed.
  • Stay safe!  Make the calls when dangers are encountered on the road.  Always keep your concentration up when riding in a group.

For Saturday’s ride, I’m suggesting the following route.  The forecast is for a strong south-westerly wind in the morning, shifting more towards a westerly as noon approaches.  If anyone is interested in making a brick out of this and doing a 4-5km jog off the bike, contact

Leaving City Hall @ 8am.