Track Session Wednesday 30th April

Aerial_trackLast Wednesday in April and getting very close to the start of the tri season proper.  Noticeable increase in the intensity of the sessions on the track.  It is important that everyone makes their own decisions with respect to the intensity of the sessions prior to racing plus taking some recovery if racing the weekend before a session.  This week a mixed set, 100m, 800m and a 400m, then repeat.  All done hard with just 200m recovery jog. Meet at UCC Track on the Mardyke at 7:00pm.  Good numbers turning up every week at all levels.


Warm up

10-15min easy jog

Dynamic stretch

6 x 60m strides

Main set

1000m ¬

800m    ¦  x 2

400m    |

All done hard with 200m jog recovery

Warm down

10 min jog