Swim Training

This is not a CTC event.  May be of interest to anyone not signed up to one of the CTC swim sessions?

You have made the big decision to try a triathlon or Swim Event …
So things you should know and think about as you start training for the swimming portion of the triathlon. I would encourage new triathlete’s or anyone doing a Swim Challenge is to start your swimming training early. The main benefits of this will be will be that you will increase your stamina in the water. So many people think if they are in good shape for running and cycling they are also in good shape for swimming this is not the case. Different muscles are used and swimming requires a very different approach to breathing for oxygen intake and of course the actual stroke technique. Ensure you plan your training; we are beginning the swim training programme In Brookfield Leisure Club on Wednesday nights at 9.30 pm.
Please call Avril on 08Avril_Swim7 390 10 30.