CTC Members Planning Ironman this Year?

Cork Tri club has a long tradition of producing Ironmen/women year after year.  As with the general membership the levels range all the way from those trying their first right through those pushing the international and national records.  Often other club members just find out after the event or in casual conversation at training or some social event.  Many of those who have multiple events under their respective belts have no problems with training or event preparation.  For those ironvirgins it can be quite different.  A few members have mentioned that they would be interested in getting together with those doing IM this coming year.  Some of the first timers would be interested in getting some information from those more experienced and also getting together with others for some of the longer training.  If any of the first or second timers are interested in getting involved with such a group Barry O’Sullivan has agreed to be the point of contact (barryosull@yahoo.com).  Also it would be great if some of the more experienced members would be willing to pass on some information on preparation, hydration, in-race nutrition and tapering it would be appreciated.  Anyone interested could contact Barry letting him know which IM they are doing and when it is and also if it is their first or one of many.