Club Run Wednesday Jan 22nd

runner_silContinuing on from last week, the run this coming Wednesday will again be a tempo run.  Similar format to last week, about a 15 minute warm-up and a few stride outs.  Then the main set where the session will probably break into sub-groups of equal ability.  The suggested set is again from the DTT programme.  Given the mix that has been turning up, last week everyone did the intermediate set albeit at different speeds.  The suggested set is as follows:

wu- 15 mins jog, 6x 60m strides
Beginner- 3×4 mins w. 2 mins recovery, 2×3 mins w. 2 mins recovery
Intermediate- 2×4 mins w. 2 mins recovery, 3×3 mins w. 90s recovery
High Performance- 4×4 mins w. 2 mins recovery, 3×3 mins w. 90s recovery
15 min cool down
Remember it’s still January, good bit to go to season start, so just elevated pace “below threshold”.  The same loop should work well for these.  The slower group was just short of a lap of the park for the 3 minute run.  As usual meet at the same time, 7:00pm, in the small car park opposite the Crow’s Nest pub.  Be on time, the run leaves on time!