Up Tempo Wednesday

runner_silUp to last week we had kept the Wednesday runs as aerobic, certainly for the first lap.  We are proposing this week to do one of the tempo sessions from the Driven to tri Programme prepared especially for CTC.  This is not a sprint session and members should not be intimated, it is simply just to elevate the pace above the aerobic zone.  It is still only January so no point taking it too hard. Before the session there will be a very brief chat to outline objectives, for those using heart rate monitors (HRM) and those without.  The session proposed is as follows:

Warm-up- 15 mins jog
6x60m strides
Beginner; 5x 3 mins w. 2 mins recovery
Intermediate; 6×3 mins w. 90s recovery
High Perf; 8 x 3 mins w. 90s recovery
15 mins cool down
Good numbers are turning up for the runs, it is always easier to do interval work in a group so come along and join the fun.  Meet at the usual spot at the car park opposite the old Crows Nest Pub at the city end of the straight road 7:00pm sharp.
Soon we will be introducing an additional aerobic run to replace Wednesday aerobic session, probably for Friday evenings, information will be posted in the usual locations (FB, Club Website and the weekly email)