Structured Training Programme for All CTC Members

harry3One of the things that has been in demand from club members is a structured training programme to enable improvement in performance.  To this end CTC has gone into and arrangement with Driven To Tri (DTT) to develop such a programme for the club.  The sets are divided into three categories, A-Noble (Beginners), B-Keane (Intermediate) and C-Reid (High Performance).  The coach we are dealing with is Harry Wiltshire.  It will be up to every member to place themselves in the appropriate category.  We have the first 4 weeks of the first 12 week programme and this will be circulated as soon possible, hopefully tomorrow, it will not be initially posted on the web page as this would make it available to the general public.  The club will name an individual for each of the categories as a contact point with Harry and any questions or concerns can be directed through the contact.  The weeks are based on 3 sessions per week for each of the disciplines, Harry recognises that everyone will not, whether for family of work reasons, not be able to fit in all 9 every week, everyone will have to adapt the sessions to suit, try to get at least 6 of the 9.  Also if a strength and conditioning session can be squeezed in it would be good. CTC will try to incorporate the sessions into club training, Wednesday run, Sunday/Saturday bike spin and Brian Clifford has said that he would try to incorporate the swim sessions to the Tuesday/Wednesday swims.  It is up to individuals to ensure that they are medically fit to take on the sessions.  For absolute beginners it would be a good idea to have a medical check-up before starting, below is the advice directly from Harry.

” This is a general programme, so it is essential that all athletes have consulted their doctors prior to commencing any training. We are not dealing directly with athletes and these sessions are for Cork triathlon club. Ultimately it is Cork triathlon club who are responsible for the sessions. If ANY injuries are sustained, please ensure that athletes stop training and seek medical advice”.