Sticky: CTC High Performance Squad

Approval was given at the AGM to put together a High Performance Squad(HPS) for Cork Tri.  Resources will be put into the squad at the discretion of the general club committee.  Trevor Woods and Katie Cooke were appointed squad captains for the men’s and women’s groups.  At a subsequent club meeting a sub group was set up to thrash out finer details of training/coaching and season programmes.  First step is to canvass the club members to see who is interested in joining the squads.  Remember, you should not put yourself forward for the HPS if you are not close to the required standard (for men this translates to about 1:07 for a sprint distance race and about 2:15 for Olympic or in points somewhere in the region of 110 to 115 NS points)(for women the standard should be at about the 3oth percentile, 100 NS points or a sprint of about 1:14 or about 2:25/27 for an Olympic distance race).  Also there is a significant commitment required of the athlete over the season, the championship is scored with the club’s best 6 athletes over each athletes best 5 NS races, so we would expect each member of the squads to commit to at least 6 NS races over the season.  So if you feel you are up to it and can commit please submit the details specified below to before Friday 8th November. Put the identifier” HPS Male” or “HPS Female” in the subject line of the email.   Cork tri will commit resources to assist the squads compete.  For those that might feel they are not quite at that level yet, fear not over the coming year we will endeavour to put together a development or improver groups to assist everyone improve performances over the 2014 season.


High Performance Squad Individual Details




Email Address:

Mobile No.:

TI Number

Best performance in an NS race to date:

Sprint:     Points                                 Time                                      Race                                                      Year

Olympic: Points                                 Time                                      Race                                                      Year

Middle:   Points                                 Time                                      Race                                                      Year

If you haven’t completed a National Series race in the recent past include any race from the recent past.

Race history is not essential but some indication that you can achieve the required level should be given