Time Trial Results Tuesday 21st August

Last competitive event of the season. Fun event next week with social get together in the Elm Tree afterwards. Even if you are haven’t participated come along, do the last one and help demolish the chicken wings or suasage rolls. Draw for a prize between everyone who did the time keeping during the season.


Photo courtesy Jerusalem Post

Name                    Time
Deirdre Quinlan 27.33
Rhona Lynch 24.36
Barry O’Sulllivan 25.59
Katie Cooke 21.24
Sebastian Wojs 22.45
Rory Galvin 22.59
Trevor Mahoney 19.45
Jeff Castles 22.33
Neil Dineeen 24.32
Ciaran O’Callaghan 21.28
John O’Connell 19.33
Mary Cotter 25.55
Paul Harrington 22.19
Jeremy Duane 25.15
Marty Burke 29.16