Tuesday Time Trial July 3rd

TT Results Tuesday July 3rd
Pretty grey night in what passes for summer in this part of the world.  One bright spot was the appearance on the sidelines of the legend that is Gerry Rea.  Gerry one of Cork’s best known cyclists who into his seventies was giving a lot of the younger cyclists a run for their money until an accident while out training.  Gerry was a regular guest at the CTC TT Tuesday nights, great to see him. Gerry is the first cyclist on the left in the picture. Picture from http://www.rastailteann.com/event/fbdras_335.shtml

 The picture is of the Cork team in the 1957 Ras

Aine Murphy     25:04
Jane McGrath  25:45
Noel o’Regan    24:26
John Carey       23:14
Louise Keane    23:19
Peter Blissett    20:53
Steve Evans       23:53
Darren Egan       21:25    (Guest)Darran Lagan(?)
Rory Galvin        23:19
Barry O’Sullivan 24:53
Brian Lucey         24:12
Paul Harrington  20:50
Richie Carey       21:20
Ciaran O’Callaghan  22:42
Brendan O’Neil   23:26
Rory Kennedy  25:32