Time Trial Results May 15th

Sixteen people competed on Tuesday night.  For new members this event is an ideal place to meet some of the more established club members.  There is no pressure to be super competitive on the bike as everyone goes off individually.  There is usually a group going for a short (6-7km) run after the TT.  The TT is also a great way to get in some speedwork as well as the steady longer cycles. 

Michael Buckley 20.44
Karina  Teehan 25.24
Paul O’Brien 26.14
Richie Carey 22.26
Steven Lynch 23.1
Liam Cashman 24.26
Katie Cooke 21.38
Jane McGrath 26.27
Eidin Christie 26.44
Sebastian Wojs 23.29
Denis White 24.38
Jeff Castles 23.38
Noreen O’Mahony 29.35
Louise Keane 24.13
Trevor Mahoney 22.21
Tadgh O’Leary 23.34