Talk by Steve Redmond – Marathon Swimmer and Record Breaker.

Location: Montenotte Hotel.
Friday, 13th April @ 8pm



Steve Redmond is on course to become the first person ever to complete the Ocean’s Seven Challenge – the open water swimming equivalent of The Seven Summits Challenge. 
Steve lives and works in West Cork and is married with two young children. To the outside world he is an ordinary man but he is on the cusp of an extraordinary achievement. Steve has demonstrated his mental and physical commitment and prowess, having completed six of the seven oceans to date. With just one left to complete his story is one of dogged determination and raw ambition.

In the last three years Steve has swam the:
• English Channel (20 hrs 2 mins)
• Irish (North) Channel (17 hrs 17 mins)
• Straits of Gibraltar (5 hours 1 minute)
• Catalina Channel (12 hours and 37mins)
• Cook Strait in New Zealand (13 hours 20 mins)
• Molokai Channel in Hawaii (22 hours 30 mins)
He became the first Irishman to swim the Catalina and Molokai Channels and was the second man in history to swim both the English and Irish (North) Channels successfully on first attempt. The 12 mile Tsugaru Strait, Honshu, Japan awaits Steve in June and is the only thing between him and gaining the accolade of being the world’s first ever person to complete the Ocean’s Seven feat