Cork Triathlon Club Sports Nutrition Seminar, March 29th Montenotte Hotel

Cork Triathlon club are hosting a seminar on sports nutrition given by reknowned sports nutritionist Barry Murray at 7:30pm on March 29th in the Montenotte Hotel.

The talk will cover the following:
–       Nutrition Facts and Fallacies
–       Actual Function of Food
–       Recovery
–       How to improve endurance
–       Practical demo on homemade natural sports drinks and gels

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Barry graduated from UCD with a BSc in 1999. He then spent a number of years working as a Development Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. A very keen interest in nutrition and a passion for sport led him to a career change. He completed an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University after which he set up his own consultancy practice.
Barry works with elite athletes and all individuals looking to improve their health and performance. His science, sports and nutrition background has given him a huge insight into the world of healthy living and well being. He has found that as a result of misinformation and misdirection there is a lot of confusion concerning diet and nutrition which is having a detrimental effect on general public health. Barry takes a modern approach to nutrition and steers away from the traditional advice and recommendations. Optimum nutrition is an untapped resource for most and it can make improvements to any individuals  well-being , fitness, performance and overall health.
Barry’s has worked with many elite athletes from a range of different sports but specialises in endurance and works with top professional triathletes, runners and cyclists. He works with Olympic athletes and those competing at a national and international level.  Barry also presents seminars and workshops to corporate clients and organisations. Barry is also an accomplished athlete himself having competed in running, cycling and triathlon events. He is currently an ultramarathon runner and races competitively at 50-100 mile mountain trail races.