Garry Mason Stroke Coaching Feb 2012

These 6 week technique courses will focus primarily on drills and stroke work with little emphasis on endurance/distance but you will complete about 2km/session. There will be a maximum of 6 swimmers/lane.

The stroke coaching will take place at Brookfield Leisure Centre (College Road, Cork) and will be given by Garry Mason who is a professional swimming coach (Swim Ireland level 2 instructor)

Garry currently holds the position of stroke specialist training the A squad of Sundays well swimming club and also works as stroke coach with the recently formed Cork high performance squad. Once ranked 15th in world in backstroke and originally from New Zealand but living and working in Ireland as a full time swimming coach for the past few years. His teaching focus is on balance and using rotation to drive forward rather than PUSHING !!! (Hip-driven freestyle). Arms are used as balancing tools with body position and efficient use of energy the prime focus.

You must bring fins, paddles and a pull buoy to every session. Large paddles tend to focus on power and strength rather than technique – finger-tip or hand paddles will help you to focus more on technique (e.g. Finis Sculling Finger Paddles, Speedo Tech Paddle). Any fins will do (AquaSphere AlphaFins are good).

The courses are being subsidised by the Cork Tri Club and are open to 2012 members only. The cost is €45/6 week course with a further reduction of €11 for those who are already members of Brookfield Leisure Centre.

Session 1: Monday 19:30-20:30 (6 places) – FULL
Session 2: Monday 20:40-21:40 (12 places) – FULL
Session 2: Wednesday 20:30-21:30 (10 places)

Please note that we will be changing around who is in each session depending on your ability – please understand that if we move you to one of the other sessions that it is for your benefit. We will do our best to accomodate individual requests but for everyone’s benefit, we need to group like abilities together