New to Tri?? Welcome!

People who are not members of the Cork Tri Club are welcome to try out the Sunday cycles for 1 or 2 sessions – note the tips below.

In order for them and us to be insured by Triathlon Ireland for 3rd party, they must sign the TI Guest Sign-on sheet which the cycle leader will have.

More Questions?       

We will have an information evening/social in early February

Sunday Cycles. A few tips for us all:·
You MUST wear a helmet, no and if’s or buts end of.

We recommend you use a racer or flat handlebar racer/hybrid. No mountain bikes or time trial bikes for beginners.

Your bike should be in good running order, especially brakes – nobody will want to cycle behind you if they think something is about to break on your bike.

Basic cycling skills required – you must know how to use your gears and breaks.

We will have a group that does not go super-fast but in the interest of everyone, you should be able to cycle at least 40km non-stop in 2hrs. That works out at 20kph. To newcomers, this might seem like a lot but it is really very achievable. If in doubt, grab a friend and go for a 2hr cycle!·

Don’t be late, 9am is the start time, being early IS allowed!! The cycles have to start at this time so people can get home on time so they will be let out again the following week!!!·

Please bring:

  • Tools: 2 tubes, Pump, Tools to change a flat 
  •  Food: At least 1 bottle of drink (water/energy drink), at least 2 Energy gels/bars/bananas
  • Money: €5 for tea/coffee and a sconeo Phone: Mobile phone in a zip lock bag to stop it getting wet. It is a very good idea to put an ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone number either entered into the phone (if there is no lock) OR written onto the back of the phone.

Cycling Etiquette.

You must be at least a 2012 associate member of Triathlon Ireland for insurance purposes