The Lost Sheep Triathlon 2010

Well done to all competitors who took part in this years race. Provisional results may be found here along with the Race Report.  The podium placings were as follows:

Men: Bryan Keane, 4:06:25; Eric Wolfe, 4:29:31, Peter Kern, 4:33:37

Women : Joyce Wolfe, 4:59:42; Mary Laverty, 5:10:43; Aoife O’Connor, 5:16:08

Photos are available from:
Dorothy Grimes.
Jorge Ruiz Villasante.
John Conroy.

L to R, Bryan Keane 1st, Eric Wolfe 2nd, Peter Kern 3rd
L to R Aoife O'Connor 3rd, Joyce Wolfe 1st, Mary Laverty 2nd










Notice on the difficult conditions encountered by swimmers during the Lost Sheep Triathlon 2010

The race organisers wish to acknowledge comments regarding the swim during the Lost Sheep Triathlon 2010. We were very aware of the potential tidal problems and safety was at all times the over-riding concern. Numerous course options were considered and local knowledge was solicited, with the final course being decided upon based on having ‘slack water’ around the high tide and getting competitors through the bridge as early as possible. Swimmers successfully tested the course during the previous week under similar tidal conditions and it was communicated to all participants that the race would start at 7am sharp. What unfolded on Saturday was a stark reminder that you cannot predict nature, however, we were encouraged that the water safety plan worked well and that the majority of competitors were able to complete the course. We thank you for your comments and hope to see you all again next year.  


The Lost Sheep Race Committee