Pyrenees Challenge 2010

Looking for a serious challenge for 2010 then this might wet your appetite, the Tour De France are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Tour riding over the big climbs of the Pyrenees, over the years Padraig Marrey has ridden quite a few stages in the Pyrenees and have found it an exhilarating experience.  

This year’s tour route will ride over 4 stages in the Pyrenees with a Grand finale at the summit of the Tourmalet, to ride these four stages would be a serious challenge for anyone.


What’s required?

The fact that the challenge is over 4 stages it will mean 5 days cycling time, so think of it as 4 Etape De tours all one after another….

Fitness will need to be at an optimum, so to make sure everyone is up for the challenge there will be 3 camps organized to aid you in your  quest to take on the Pyrenees,  all the camps will  be based in the hills/mountains,

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