Team Time Trial in Aid of Simon

 Cork Tri Club are holding a fun 4 person team trial event on at 10am on Sunday 18th December in aid of the Simon Community. A few notes and rules:·        

  • This event is open to CTC members and non CTC – TI-members, so bring the family and friends!         
  •  Non-Triathlon Ireland members must sign the TI guest sheet confirming that they understand and fully accept Triathlon Ireland’s Manual of Guidance and it’s appendices. Guests are then covered under the liability sections of TI Insurance policy.     
  • The course is on open roads from the Viaduct Inn to the halfway roundabout and back (about 17km).    
  • Teams will consist of 4 people. Each team must include at least 1 female participant, at least 1 male participant and at least 1 master participant (aged 40+). If you cannot fill or find a team, advertise on the CTC forum. If you still cannot fill/find a team, turn up on the day and we will put you and others into a team.        
  •  The event will start with a safety briefing detailing the course and any hazards.       
  •  Rules of the roads must be obeyed at all times         
  •  Hard shell helmets must be worn (pointy or non-pointy).        
  •  This is a fun charity event with no prizes other than blagging rights and maybe a bottle of Lucozade Sport. All money collected will be donated to Simon.       
  •  For safety reasons, time trial bikes and aero bars are not allowed (don’t be swayed by the picture below) BUT you welcome to don your favourite pointy helmet, speedsuit and aero wheels. If it is too much trouble to remove your aero bars, then please adjust them so that they are out of the way – you may not use them during the event.First team rider across start line starts the clock, last team rider across finish line stops the clock.    
  • We do approve of team names and co-ordinating clothes!