Lost Sheep Registration – 2nd round

The second round of entries to The Lost Sheep middle distance triathlon will go live at 8pm this evening.

The first round sold out in less than 30 minutes, so make sure you are ready.


If you do not have a full TI race license, you will need to purchase an ODM from the TI website:


CTC Club League

For 2017 Cork Tri Club is introducing a club league. The purpose of the league is to encourage all members to get more involved in club activities and to create a fun competition between club members. We hope you all enjoy trying to get ahead of your fellow members.

Link to rules & regulations below:

Club League 2017 Rev2

Track Session Wednesday April 12th

It was great to see such a big crowd out last week out for our first track session last week.  Discipline was great with several groups formed running very even paced over the set of 400s.  This week we are moving up in distance to 800m with a session of 5 x 800m.  Meet at the UCC on the Mardyke track at 7:00pm or just before, the booking is from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.  Remember St Finbarr’s have the track for the hour before us, if you come early and want to warm up either jog around the perimeter of the entire complex or stay on the wide outside of the track.  Again everybody should try to run the entire set at an even pace, so don’t start off too fast or be tempted to go for the big finish by burning the last rep, keep it even across the set.


Easy 10 minute warm up jog

Dynamic Stretch

6 x strides

5 x 800m with 400m easy recovery jog

Easy cool down

Hill Repeats, Apr 11

For anyone interested, there will be a couple of us doing some bike hill repeats on Glen Rd near the airport tomorrow evening.  We’ll be leaving from here @ 6:15pm.  I would advise that you cycle to this meeting point as there won’t be any warm up in advance of the intervals.  You will need a watch to time yourself.

Plan is to attempt at least 6 x 4 mins @ Z5 intensity, recovery on each descent.

All roads will be busy after work so safety will be a huge consideration.  I will be giving a safety briefing at 6:15pm.  Don’t be late.

King Of The Hill Entries Second Round

The second round of entries for KOTH opened on Saturday. There was a slight hiccup with the time that it went live but that was resolved on the night.

Entries are still available at the below link.


Please note that if you do not have a full race license, you will need to purchase an ODM on the TI website:


Sunday Cycle, Apr 9

Cloudy, 10 degrees but dry tomorrow.  A bit of a WNW breeze.

Suggested routes are as follows:


Short – 36km with 342m climbing

Medium – 66km with 653m climbing

Long – 89km with 800m climbing

Coffee stop in Blarney.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.

First Track Session of the Season Wednesday April 5th 7:00pm

Back to the track for the next few months, until the end of August.  The track in question is the UCC (Sonia O’Sullivan) Track at the University Sports Grounds on the Mardyke.  Note the change of time from our road runs, we have the track booked from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.  We will start with a set of 400s get people used to the track and help everyone establish a feel for their pace.  Over the last few years we have had all levels coming to these sessions, from some of our elite performers right through to beginners.  There is no problem accommodating all levels.  St Finbarr’s AC have the track for the hour before us, if you arrive a little early and are warming up on the track please respect their space.   Format for the sessions, easy warm-up jog, dynamic stretch main set. Warm up running the correct way round the track (anticlockwise).  For anyone interested Trevor Woods triathlon talk is on in the Western Gateway Building at 8:15pm, Western Gateway is only a couple of 100m away, easily reachable in time.   Also they have introduced new parking controls at the Mardyke Arena, if you are not an Arena member you may not be allowed take a car in, there is a limited amount of street parking around.  You could consider parking where we meet for the road running and jog over to the Mardyke?


Easy 10 minute jog

Dynamic Stretch

6 x Strides, building pace over the last 2

Main Set

10 x 400m with 90s recovery jog

Cool down jog

Triathlon Ireland Motorcycle Official Course

Triathlon Ireland will be running a Motorcycle Official course on the 22nd April in the Mullingar Park Hotel.

The course is designed to inform motorcyclists about triathlon, introduce them to the rules of the sport with particular focus on the cycling disciple, safety and how to impose penalties for rules breaches. The course also provides an introduction to advanced motorcycling and the “System of Motorcycle Control” used by all advanced riders and Class one police motorcyclists. All tutors are fully accredited RoSPA Advanced Instructors.

Please note that places are limited, so if you would like to take part, please contact orla@triathlonireland.com to register.

Leisureworld Swim Sessions Starting Tuesday

The Leisureworld swim sessions are restarting on Tuesday (Thursday in Churchfield).

Be sure to build on the good work you have put in over the winter, before the season fully kicks into gear.

The Churchfield session is almost full, but there is still a good lot of space available for the Bishopstown session.

Register for Tues session.

Register for Thurs session.

Sunday cycle 2nd April

At the moment, Sunday is looking to be fairly cool, but dry with light winds. Don’t shed those layers just yet.

Longer route is a new & improved way of getting to Kinsale, 87k with 1121m climbing:

Shorter is a 50k loop out to Crossbarry, cutting back through Halfway, Ballygarvan, and down the Airport hill (520m climbing):
There will be no guided beginner cycle this week.
Group’s must not be more than ten riders. This is for safety reasons. Ideal number is 6-8. Groups should also roll-up regularly.
Each group should feel responsible for everyone in their group making it home safely. If there is a puncture, communicate and check if the person with the puncture has the necessary bits to replace the tube. It’s fine to cycle up the road for a few minutes and then turn back if yer sure the puncture is being repaired. However it shouldn’t be the case that someone gets a puncture and is left stranded for some reason without the group knowing what has happened. Decide upon a plan to regroup, if some loop on to keep warm.
There should be no instance of a group making it to the coffee stop and asking, “What happened to so and so?”. If someone in your group has to stop for a puncture or any other reason, the group needs to make sure that that person can get going again or at least has someone to pick them up.

The Sunday cycle is a group endurance training cycle, not a race. If someone needs to train at a particular zone/speed, make it known at the start, so people can choose to be in your group or not.