Long Distance Roll Call

Our club has quite a  history of participation in long distance triathlon with members annually travelling somewhere to Ironman distances races. This table is an attempt to capture many of these conquests, but is very far from complete. If you would like to be included, please email chairman@corktri.com with details of your race, year and if you’d like your finish time included, provide that too!

YearNameRaceFinish Time
2018Annemarie PowerIM World Championships Hawaii11:18
2018Sean FinnIM Lanzarote12:43
2018Sean FinnIM¸World Championships Hawaii11:59
2018Alan O'ConnorIM Lanzarote13:55
2018Annemarie PowerIM Lanzarote11:26
2018Padraig MahonIM Barcelona11:08
2017Jane McGrathIM Italy13:52
2017Sean FinnIM Lanzarote12:36
2017Alan O'ConnorIM Lanzarote12:52
2017Alan O'ConnorHardman Killarney
2016Sean FinnIM Austria11:24
2016Jane McGrathIM Vichy13:31
2016John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona
2016Trevor MahoneyIM Austria9:45
2016Sean FinnIM Lanzarote12:49
2016Alan O'ConnorChallenge Galway
2016Rory GalvinIM Lanzarote
2016Arthur McCarthyIM Barcelona
2015Jane McGrathIM Sweden13:48
2015Trevor MahoneyIM Lanzarote10:51
2015Trevor MahoneyIM Copenhagen (swim only)
2015Sean FinnIM Lanzarote12:07
2015Sean FinnIM Barcelona10:46
2015Alan O'ConnorChallenge Almere
2015Rory GalvinIM Barcelona
2014Jane McGrath IM Austria
2014John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona13:38
2014Lar PhelanIM Cairns12:31
2014Trevor MahoneyChallenge Roth9:58
2014Katie CookeChallenge Roth10:31
2014Katie CookeIM Barcelona9:58
2014Sean FinnIM Lanzarote11:54
2014Sean FinnChallenge Roth10:52
2014Sean FinnIM Barcelona10:20
2014Joyce WolfeIM Roth9:47
2013Jane McGrathChallenge Roth
2013John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona13:44
2013Katie CookeChallenge Barcelona10:00:47
2013Trevor MahoneyITU World Champs, Belfort France
2013Katie CookeITU World Champs, Belfort, France
2013Sean FinnIM Lanzarote12:04
2013Sean FinnIM Switzerland11:34
2013Joyce WolfeIM Lanzarote10:31
2013Joyce WolfeIM Zurich10:03
2013Rory GalvinIM Lanzarote
2013David EganChallenge Barcelona10.42
2012John O'ShaughnessyIM Lanzarote
2012Jane McGrathIM Canada13:04
2012John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona
2012Katie CookeIM Austria10:38
2012Trevor MahoneyIM Austria12:21
2012Sean FinnIM Austria12:00
2012David EganChallenge Barcelona10.29
2011John O'ShaughnessyIM Lanzarote
2011Jane McGrathIM Regensberg
2011Anne KeohaneIM Regensberg
2011Owen WallaceChallenge Copenhagen
2011John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona
2011Katie CookeIM Austria
2011Sean FinnIM Austria
2011Joyce WolfeIM Austria9:15
2011Joyce WolfeChallenge Barcelona9:45
2011David EganChallenge Henley On Thames12.21
2010John O'ShaughnessyIM Lanzarote
2010Jane McGrathIM Lake Placid
2010Dave O'LearyIM Regensberg13:22
2010John O'ShaughnessyIM Barcelona
2010Katie CookeIM Austria
2010Sean FinnIM Austria
2010Joyce WolfeIM Austria9:45
2010Joyce WolfeIM Hawaii World Champs10:28
2010David EganChallenge Barcelona11.19
2009Jane McGrathChallenge Barcelona
2009Katie CookeChallenge Barcelona
2009Sean FinnIM Austria
2009Joyce WolfeChallenge Barcelona
2009David EganChallenge Barcelona12:20
2008John O'Shaughnessy IM Florida
2008Jane McGrathIM Florida
2008Sean FinnIM Austria
2008Joyce WolfeIM Western Australia11:08
2007John O'ShaughnessyIM Austria
2007Trevor Woods IM Austria9:18
2007Brendan O'NeillIM Austria
2007Jane McGrathIM Austria
2006John O'ShaughnessyIM Florida
2004John O'ShaughnessyIM Florida