Group Cycles

Our number one priority is a safe and enjoyable spin for everyone so we would appreciate if you would read and familiarise yourself with the club cycling code of conduct.

The following should also be noted:

  • Write ICE (In case of Emergency) number on the back of your phone (which you will probably be carrying while cycling)
  • Carry some form of identification on you at all times (e.g. TI membership card – nice and laminated)
  • Or wear an ID band, information on this
  • No properly fitted, approved standard helmet – No spin
  • No bar end plugs – No spin
  • Do not cross the centre line. Doing so in a race will result in an automatic DQ (disqualification) and on a group ride will incur the wrath of the group leader, not to mention the obvious possible consequences.
  • Please choose your group realistically based on your current fitness level and ability to maintain the posted average speed and distance taking into account the elevation gains. Do not overestimate your ability. The nominated ride leaders have full authority to request individuals do not ride in a particular group and their decision is non-negotiable. Do not be offended. This is for your own and the groups safety and enjoyment.
  • Should you be in a shorter/slower group because you are on a recovery ride or just fancy something shorter/slower do not put the others in the group under pressure.
  • Carry out an “M” check on your bike prior to setting out and repair any defects before arrival.
  • Identify and indicate early any obstacles and road hazards and pass these calls through the group. If you are unsure of the calls, ask.
  • Cover your brakes at all times when in the group and be prepared for unexpected movements by the rider in front. Not everyone has the same high level of bike handling skills as you. Follow only as close as you feel comfortable.
  • Do not use aero bars unless you are on the front of the group.
  • Everyone will get dropped at some stage but no one stays dropped. Our group rides are not a race. If someone is dropped slow the pace to allow them to regather the group or at the top of a climb stop in a safe place and re-group before proceeding.
  • Dress appropriately for the forecast weather conditions. We have had a number of cold wet days recently and not to sound dramatic but hypothermia is a real possibility and danger and not much fun. In temperatures with a realfeel below 10 degrees you should at a minimum be wearing long cycling pants, a thermal base layer, thermal jacket, gloves and some form of warm head covering under your helmet.
  • Carry ICE (In case of Emergency) information on your person. This should ideally be taped to your bike or helmet for ease of access should it be required.
  • As a matter of courtesy please wait until you are at the back of the group before clearing your nostrils and please refrain from wearing white shorts in the rain.

As always newcomers and guests are welcome on our group rides however we would ask you contact the club prior to your first ride with your details including phone number on All guests will be required to complete our sign on sheet and abide by the cycling code of conduct. Any person breaching these requirements or acting in a manner which puts themselves or others in danger will be asked to leave the group. No exceptions. No discussion.

Remember, on the road the ride leaders decisions are final. We would request you listen to them, they are there to help.

Ride Leaders

Every Sunday cycle group has ride leaders nominated in advance. We have a core group of delightful leaders as you can see! If you are new to our group cycles, you must make yourself known to the relevant ride leader in advance.