The Rebel Rising triathlon 2016

river_leeThe Rebel Rising Triathlon, Cork City, August 14th 2016 One hundred years on from the Rising that saw Ireland blaze her own trail and take on a brave new course, Cork Tri Club seeks an unexplored challenge – a triathlon in the centre of Cork City. From the late night conversation of two seasoned triathletes the Rebel Rising Triathlon was born, the challenge laid down. In 2016, Cork Tri Club will put on a 3rd race to add to the 2 that it already successfully runs – the Rebel Rising Olympic joins the King of the Hill in Kinsale Sprint and the iconic Lost Sheep Half Iron race in Kenmare.

3 races, 3 distances, 3 locations on 3 different dates!

The course reads like the lyrics from “The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee”

Starting in the leafy Lee fields our athletes will swim 1500 meters under the melancholy gaze of Our Lady’s Hospital. The stone facade keeps a watchful eye as the athletes make their way through the famous waters before taking to the roads.

RR_JAS_PlusA quick transition and the journey continues past the Mardyke Arena and out into The Lee Valley. On rolling roads the athletes travel 40 kilometres through lush pastures and cheery villages, passing the visionary Inniscarra Hydroelectric Dam, built post World War 2, as they head back towards the urban bustle. Definitely a fast course with about 75% of the route being pretty flat. On foot now, the journey continues unabated with the pace rising as run takes them through the shadows of 12 carved limestone Rosary Stations and past a gushing spring overlooking the Grotto. Birds will be tweeting as you run along the lower Lee Valley. It is a truly beautiful run.

Chris_DinoThe Sonia O’Sullivan track, Cork County Cricket Club, Fitzgerald Park all a background blur as lactic acid and heart rate levels creeping upwards steadily. The finish line under the Dragon awaits. The challenge has been set. Will you rise to it? August 14th 2016, the Rebel Rising Olympic Distance Triathlon awaits.

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More details are on Rebel Rising Facebook and Twitter pages and Cork Tri website. The rebel leaders can be contacted at rebelrising@corktri.com but maybe busy plotting the race.