‘King of the Hill’ Sprint Distance Triathlon, Kinsale 2017

The ‘King of the Hill’ triathlon is taking place on Saturday, 22th July 2017. This sprint distance triathlon has been run for the past 17 years in Kinsale. The course starts with a 750m swim at the sheltered Dock Beach in Kinsale, followed by an undulating 23km bike ride, and finishing off with a 5km ‘run’ out and back over the eponymous hill which is breath-taking in more ways than one!

The race is limited to 300 individual competitors and 20 relay teams and is sold out again in 2017.

Transfers for the race have closed since July 8th.

Details of the race are given in the links below.


Swim Route

Bike Route (Revised)

Garmin relive bike video (thanks to Trevor Mahony)

Run Route




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