Cork Tri Gear Wardrobe – A History!

Gear evolution: 2002 through to 2019

Generation 1, 2, 3 and the newest incarnation of CTC Gear!


Saw the introduction of the first formal club gear design. A snazzy and skimpy number, sure to break ITU race rules! 

Pic: Courtsey of Chris Burke, Bunmahon 2002. Top: Paul Drinan, Deirdre Quinlan, Chris Burke, Nick Mulcahy, Paddy Quinlan, John O’Shaughnessy
Bottom: Deirdre Quinlan, ?, ?, ?, Chris Burke, Trevor Woods, ? Paddy Quinlan, Eoin O’Connell, ?, John O’Shaughnessy
Pic: Courtsey of Chris Burke, Bunmahon 2002. Bottom left, clockwise, Chris Burke, Paul Drinan, John O’Shaughnessy, gang, Eoin O’Connell, Paddy Quinlan, Deirdre Quinlan. 


The next incarnation of Cork Tri gear arrived in 2006. Sugoi were the supplier, initially only tri top and shorts per the template shown right. They had that design, we just picked blue colour and provided logo. no real customisation involved.

Pic courtesy of Eidin Christie ahead of IM Austria 2007. Back l to r:  Ciaran Dunne, Norman Kelly, John Shaughz, Paddy Quinlan, Len McCarthy. Middle l to r: Eidin Christie, Mary Horgan, Jane McGrath, Deirdre Quinlan. Front l to r: Paddy Kavanagh, Mary Cotter, Brendan O Neill.


Sugoi had min order of 25 per item or something so not feasible, moved to Kalos with same design (they had min of 10 items), also they included cycle gear. After Kalos, there was gear from Santini but issues with fit etc.

PIcs: Gordon Thomson TI. Lost Sheep, King of the Hill


The creative spark for the wave design came from the collective input of Eidin Christie, Ivan Kelleher and Aoife Mahony with Champion systems supplying the gear initially. Generation 3 design has been retained through a few different suppliers, changing to Velo Revolution in 2014 and Orca more recently in 2017. 

Pic: TI Media. Hook or By Crook 2015. Back L-r Peter Blisset, ?, ?, Hilary Creedon, Dave Andrew O’Leary, Sean Brendan O’Neill, Steve Evans, Jeff Castles. Front l-r Jason, Marty Burke, Valerie Sheehy, Ivan Kelleher, Joanne, Michelle Manning, Katie Hickson. 
Pic: Old Club Webpage: Schull Triathlon 2015 ?
Pic: Gordon Thomson TI. Fastnet Triathlon, Schull 2018


Fast forward to 2019 and Peter Blisset with Verge have brought a fresh new design to our lycra wardrobe. There’s only been limited photo shoots to date! But no doubt our roving club paparazzi will be busy snapping photos during the upcoming Schull club race! 

Generation 4 CTC Gear: Bottom Left: Roisin Burke, Aideen Kehoe, John O’Connell, Tomas Kenefick, Aideen Kehoe, John O’Connell & Willie Barry, Aideen Kehoe, Eoin, Cian Lowney