Sunday Cycle, Mar 19

Tomorrow is set to be a cloudy day with showers forecast around 10am. A strong WSW wind will persist for the day. Suggested routes are:

Short – 49km with 527m climbing

Medium – 79km with 1066m climbing

Long – 87km with 1121m climbing

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.


CTC Hill Repeat Sessions

If you’d be interested in taking part in some hill repeat sessions from Mar 27th through to whenever the club TT starts in May please register your interest here.

Sunday Cycle, Mar 12

Mostly sunny tomorrow morning with a stiff WNW wind. A little bit cooler than today though.

Suggested routes are:

Short – 58km with 422m climbing

Medium – 86km with 842m climbing

Long – 104km with 1061m climbing

There will be a beginner’s cycle this week led by Brendan O’ Neill.

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.


Lost Sheep Middle Distance Championship Registration dates

Dates for the Lost Sheep Middle Distance Triathlon Championship Registration will be as follows:

1st 200 entries open 29th March 8am

2nd 200 entries open 15th April 8pm

Set your alarms now, to avoid disappointment, as this race will sell out fast.

This year, CTC will not use the TI registration system, the links for […]

Sunday Cycle, Mar 5

Showery and cool tomorrow morning with a stiff Westerly wind so be sure to wrap up well.

Suggested routes this week are:

Short – 59km with 464m climbing

Medium – 80km with 622m climbing

Long – 99km with 820m climbing

Remember to not let the group sizes get too large for safety’s sake – 6 […]

Sunday Cycle, Feb 19

Reasonably mild tomorrow with a WNW breeze to contend with. Showers are not due until later in the day.

Suggested routes are:

Short – 58km with 448m climbing

Not Short – 85km with 684m climbing

Leaving City Hall @ 9am.

Sunday Cycle with Beginners Cycle, Feb 12

Forecast is not icy tomorrow but it will very cold due to wind chill. So be sure to wrap up well again. The wind is going to be a strong ENE. Suggested routes are as follows:

Short – 58km with 431m climbing

Medium – 83km with 634m climbing

Long – 99km with 796m climbing

So […]

CTC training weekend in Kenmare (24-26 Feb) – Registration Deadline

There has been a very good initial response to the training weekend and we’ve already filled up all of the houses that we had prebooked. We’ve been able to put a hold on two further houses for the moment. However we will need to get finalised numbers by the end of next week. The deadline […]

Sunday Cycle with beginners cycle, Feb 5

Sunny but very cold tomorrow morning so be sure to wrap up well and keep an eye out for frost or ice. There will be a moderate westerly wind.

For fear of outright revolt, the suggested routes this week have less climbing than usual:

Short – 59km with 464m climbing

Medium – 80km with 622m […]

Club Junior Volunteers Required

Cork Tri Club is looking for several volunteers to help out with the club’s current and potential new juniors. We are looking for adult members able to help in communicating with the juniors and/or guardians of juniors (i.e., mostly in the form of monitoring and responding to inquiries to the junior email account), facilitating junior […]