Leisureworld Swim Sessions Starting Tuesday

The Leisureworld swim sessions are restarting on Tuesday (Thursday in Churchfield).

Be sure to build on the good work you have put in over the winter, before the season fully kicks into gear.

The Churchfield session is almost full, but there is still a good lot of space available for the Bishopstown session.

Register […]

Swim For Cork Tri

The Sundays Well Masters Swim Gala is on the 11th February and the Irish Open Masters Swim Championships 2017 are going to be held in Limerick on the 3rd and 4th March.

If anyone would like to join Swim Ireland through Cork Tri and take part in either of these galas please e-mail Adrian […]

Leisureworld Swim sessions Jan-Mar 2017

The Tuesday evening swim sessions in Leisureworld, Bishopstown will be starting on January 17th at the usual time of 8:45pm. Brian Clifford will coach the sessions. They will run for 10 weeks to March 21st. A separate lane and coach will be made available for beginner stroke coaching if there are some beginners who would […]

Gary Mason Swim sessions Brookfield

Swim Sessions with Gary Mason in Brookfield are set to start on Monday the 9th January. Full details of each of the classes are attached.

The classes will be subsidised by € 5 for each six week set.

To register please e-mail Gary at gaz1mason@icloud.com.

Payment of the fees as detailed on the flyer less […]


It is with great regret that we have to postpone tonight’s scheduled swim around Sandycove. The Irish Water Safety Association have issued a a warning for the north, west and south coasts including Cork because of the influx or Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. Quite a few of these have turned up on beaches all […]



For the night swim the current plan is to meet down at Sandycove before 7:45pm with the intention of being in the water for 8:00pm. Please keep an eye on FB and the website, the weather does not look great but at the moment the plan is to go ahead. […]

Garry Mason Swim Sessions Brookfield

Swim Sessions with Gary Mason in Brookfield are set to start on Monday the 19th September. Full details of each of the classes are attached.ctc flyer 1

The classes will be subsidised by €10 for each six week set.

To register please e-mail Gary at gaz1mason@icloud.com to let him know you will attend and copy […]

Night Swim Proposed Date Friday September 30th

The proposed date for our now annual swim around Sandycove is Friday 30th September. The tentative plan is to meet at about 7:15-7:30 to be in the water and swimming at 7:45pm. Sunset is 7:13pm and High Water is 6:00pm. These plans are as mentioned tentative and more details and or changes will be posted […]

Open Water Swim Thursday Evening 7:30pm at the Dock Beach

Last official swim for the season at the Dock Thursday evening 7:30pm.

Open Water Swim this Evening at 7:30pm Dock beach

Two swim distance options at the Open Water Swim this evening (Thursday August 11th); 750m and 1500m. There will be Kayak support with Andrew. What and evening for the Beach, actually feels like summer 🙂 . Dock Beach Kinsale.