Wednesday Run October 24th (Note meeting time is 6:30pm)

Second run of the autumn/winter session, note as per the heading the meeting time at the Straight Road is 6:30pm. We will keep the session at 16 minutes tempo for this week. Small enough, but enthusiastic, group last week hopefully we can build the numbers through the season. So meet at the Car Park on […]

Wednesday Run; Start of Autumn/Winter Tempo Sessions

Start of the winter tempos sessions. Meeting at the earlier time of 6:30pm at the car park on the city side of the Straight Road. COme ready to run. It is about 2.5km to the Business and Technology Park on the Model Farm Road. For any who can’t make it to the Straight Road go […]

Group Run Wednesday 26th September

Group Run Meet at the car park on the city side of the Straight Road near the Kingsley Hotel at 7:00pm this evening (26th September) group can make route decision on the evening. The Autumn/Winter tempo runs in the Technology Park will start again on Wednesday 17th October

Wednesday Run 19th September

Meet at the carpark on the city side of the Straight Road at 7:00pm. Suggestion to run the walkway behind CIT

Wednesday Run September 12th

Week two of the September freshen up series, some suggestion that a hill session might be a welcome change. Some of you will have been here before under the able leadership of Catherine, who isn’t available this week. Proposing to meet at the carpark on the city side of the Straight Road at 7:00pm. The […]

Wednesday Run 5th September

September refresh!! Track is finished for the season, there are a few races left, but September has traditionally been a recovery month before settling into autumn/winter tempo sessions. For anyone not finished I would suggest continuing with a speed tempo session once a week before racing stops. Try get together with other late racers for […]

Track Session (Ice Cream Wednesday) August 29th

This is it folks, last official track session for the season, as with tradition (we did it last year :-)) we will be providing ice cream at the end of the session. In keeping with the format this is the mixed session 400s, 8s and one 1600, trying to keep the same pace across the […]

Track Session Wednesday 15th August

Keeping the sequence, we are moving on to 800s again this week. 800m repetitions with 400m recovery jog. Good progression last week on the 400s from earlier in the season and remarkable consistency across the full set, hopefully we can get a repeat for the 8s. Weather will probably be a bit worse than we […]

Track Session Wednesday August 8th

Back to a very straight forward session this week 12 x 400m with 200m easy recovery jog. The fact that it is straight 400s should not make it easier. People should know what they have been hitting for their 400 repeats over the summer and looking for improvement as the season moves on.

Meet at […]

Track Session Wednesday August 1st

One of the tougher track sessions this week. It’s been on before, its a session to help judge pace as well as help speed/endurance. So it starts with 4 x 400, then 2 x 800 and finally one 1600m. One of the objects of the exercise is to set a pace over the 400s and […]