Wednesday Run Sept 27th

Suggesting the same route again this week, the walkway behind the Straight Road out to the Model Farm Road and pick up the walkway again behind CIT out to the Curraheen Road. From comments last week it sounds like it it might be time to start bringing the head torches. Again depending on some of […]

Wednesday Run September 20th

Suggest meeting at the car park near the Kingsley Hotel for a run out the walkway to the Tennis Village and then on to the continuation of the walkway behind CIT. Unfortunately I’m still injured (Brendan) so won’t be able to lead the run this week either. Meet at 7:00pm hopefully someone who knows the […]

Wednesday Run September 13th

Still in the lull period between the end of the track sessions and before the beginning of the autumn/winter tempo sessions. The suggestion this week is to meet at the Ballincollig Regional Park, the western carpark. That is right through the village take the right fork in the road at the Supervalu/West End Cycles junction […]

Track Session Wednesday August 30th

Last track session of the year, 22 sessions since we started on April 5th. Mixed session for the last week: 4 x 400m, 2 x 800m and a finish of 1 x 1200m, 200m recovery after the 400s and 400m recovery after the 800s. Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm at the Sonia O’Sullivan […]

Track Session August 23rd

Getting towards the end of the season, tonight’s session 5 x 800m. Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm at the UCC track on the Mardyke.

Track Session Wednesday August 9th

Long intervals tonight, 1200s, hard but well worth doing! The bulk of the group should be well recovered if they did “Kingdom” or Loughrea at the weekend. Anyone doing Caroline Kearney this coming weekend needs to trim the session down a bit so as not to be over cooked for Saturday. Meet at the usual […]

Track Session Wednesday August 2nd

Andrew O’Leary will take the session this week. Much loved 800m set, 5 x 800m with 400m recovery jog. Meet at the usual time of 7:00pm at the UCC track on the Mardyke.


Easy warm up

Dynamic stretch

6 x strides

Main Set

5 x 800m with 400m easy recovery jog

Cool down


Track Session Wednesday July 26th

What seems like the favourite session this week 10 x 400m with 200m easy jog recovery. This is about the 4th rotation to 400s since we began in April. Hopefully people are noting their repetition times and noticing some improvement as we go through the season. As usual look for even pace across the session, […]

Track Session Wednesday 19th July

A little bit different again this week with a session of 500s. The pace should be your 5km road race pace. Should be easy enough to do the sums on this one. As usual personal responsibility for people to balance their race recovery and race preparation. The full session is 10 x 500m, anyone racing […]

Track Session Wednesday July 12th

A kilometer session this week, 4 x 1km, these should be run at your straight 5km pace (5km as a road race not the 5km at the end of a tri). The eagle eyed may notice that the recovery is not quite as long as previous sessions. Usual format for the session, easy warm up […]