Track Session Wednesday 15th August

Keeping the sequence, we are moving on to 800s again this week. 800m repetitions with 400m recovery jog. Good progression last week on the 400s from earlier in the season and remarkable consistency across the full set, hopefully we can get a repeat for the 8s. Weather will probably be a bit worse than we […]

Track Session Wednesday August 8th

Back to a very straight forward session this week 12 x 400m with 200m easy recovery jog. The fact that it is straight 400s should not make it easier. People should know what they have been hitting for their 400 repeats over the summer and looking for improvement as the season moves on.

Meet at […]

Track Session Wednesday August 1st

One of the tougher track sessions this week. It’s been on before, its a session to help judge pace as well as help speed/endurance. So it starts with 4 x 400, then 2 x 800 and finally one 1600m. One of the objects of the exercise is to set a pace over the 400s and […]

Track Session Wednesday July 25th

Back on the track after the mid-season hockey break, and its back with a bang. Again to emphasise this is a critical session for those going long, half or full. Its 3 x 1600m of 3 x 1 mile if you prefer. There is a two lap recovery jog but it is important to keep […]

Wednesday Run July 18th (Track Closed)

Track is not available again this week because of an international hockey tournament in the Mardyke. As a replacement we will have a hill session on the the hill just across the river from the track. The little road is called Rose Hill Upper. The suggestion is that everyone meets at the pavilion in the […]

Track Session July 11th

Back to the track again this week after last week’s enforced break. A very straight forward session lined up 6 x 800m with 400m easy recovery. Again people should be watching their own times over the course of the summer and looking for that bit of improvement. Also a note on the recovery, this is […]

Wednesday non-Track Session

As I mentioned last week the track is unavailable on Wednesday because of a hockey tournament taking place on the Mardyke. I am proposing that we meet at the UCC Farm in Curraheen for a session on the grass. Best place to meet is at the gateway to the grounds (don’t be confused by the […]

Track Sessions Notice

Just some advance notice, UCC have contacted us to say that because of a hockey tournament on July 4th (Next Wednesday) and July 18th the track will be unavailable to us. I will put up a post closer to Wednesday on exact details but I am proposing that we do a session on the UCC […]

Track Session Wednesday 27th June

Mixed session tonight, 400s, 800s and one 1600. Usual format for the session, meet at the Sonia O’Sullivan Track in the UCC Grounds on the Mardyke at 7:00pm


Easy warm up jog

Dynamic stretch


4 x 400m with 200m recovery jog

2 x 800m with 400m recovery

1 x 1600m

Cool Down


Track Session Wednesday 20th June

Back down from last week’s windy 1600’s to 400’s this week. Hope people are keeping a record of their times at the various distances to comapre as the weeks progress? Not sure how many people are racing this weekend after the big numbers at Schull and Dunmore East but the usual advice balance recovery against […]