Beginner Information

How do I join Cork Tri Club?

Members of Cork Tri must first be members of Triathlon Ireland.  We do this as our insurance cover is through Triathlon Ireland.  Prospective members must join Triathlon Ireland through their website. During that process the option of selecting a club will be offered, select Cork Tri Club at this point.

Do I have to take full membership of Triathlon Ireland?

Triathlon Ireland can be joined as an associate member or as a full member.  If you join as an associate member you will have insurance cover and can join Cork Tri but a One Day License (ODL) will have to be taken out for every TI sanctioned race you participate in during the year.  With full membership this does not have to be done, ODLs cost in the region of €20 per race.  If you plan on racing more than three races it makes sense to join as a full member.

How much does it cost?

For 2019 membership of Cork Tri is €60, a Race License from TI is €65 and Training License is €22, there are some additional credit card charges on top of these.  Junior membership of both Cork Tri and Triathlon Ireland is €20

What training sessions does CTC run for members?

CTC has training that covers all three elements of triathlon.  The competition season runs from about May to September, so the training breaks down to an in-season and off-season regime.

Details of CTC’s training sessions can be found at the following link

What Coaching does CTC Offer?

There are bike spins, running and pool sessions as well as talks from qualified coaches. We also have a weekend coaching session in Kenmare in spring, either end of February or early March.  This runs from Friday evening to Sunday and covers all three disciplines as well as core fitness, there’s also a social aspect and a great way to meet other club members.  

CTC has a new structured training programme for those starting out on their triathlon journey.  Details of this program are available on the New2Tri page. The program is based around club sessions, so ensures plenty of opportunities for those new to the club to get involved and meet existing members!

Our club coaches are also busy preparing a new training program for our existing, more experienced members, this will be rolled out in March timeframe. 

In the March/April time period the club organises several coaching/information evenings specifically targeted at those new to tri.

Does the Club have any social activities?

Yes, the social scene usually starts with an Open Evening in January in the city.  This gives new members a chance to find out about our activities and meet some of the more experienced members and some of the other “newbies”.

There is a summer BBQ in July, this is usually held on a weekend when there is a gap in the competition season or is arranged with an away race (Schull, Fastnet Sprint Triathlon).

One of the races that the club organises is the “Lost Sheep” Middle Distance race in September, this is towards the end of the race season and the whole weekend is usually a great social event for those racing and also for those marshalling.

There is a Christmas dinner held on the last week in November. There is usually a cycle on the morning of the dinner with coffee and scones. 

Does the club organise any races?

The club organises two races every year, a sprint distance race in Kinsale called “King of the Hill” on the last weekend in July and the previously mentioned “Lost Sheep” event in Kenmare.

Club Member Race Marshalling

Race One, Marshall the other

As a member of the Cork Triathlon Club you will be required to volunteer your services (or those of a suitable substitute) at one of our race annually. Marshalling a race is an excellent way to get to know people in the club, to see the race in action  some race experience but also to give something back. Races can’t happen without a minimum number of marshals, so if you enjoy racing, ensure you return the favour. 

For those marshalling The Lost Sheep in Kenmare, this is a real social opportunity as marshalls are given free weekend accommodation and dinner on the evening of the race (Saturday).  This event is often one of the later races on the calendar and as well as being probably the best race on the TI calendar is a great social event.  

Are there any responsibilities involved in being a club member?

Cork Tri is a purely volunteer organised club, all club members are expected to take an active part in club activities.  There is a club committee with the usual range of club officers, and as well as the main committee, there are two race committees one for Kinsale and one for Kenmare.  The club does not work unless members step up and take an active part.

As said there are two club races, members are expected to only race one of these and help marshal in at least one of the races.  If a member wants to race both races, a competent substitute must be provided to take a members place as a marshal.  There are more than 100 marshals needed for Kenmare (the longer race) and about 70 needed for Kinsale.

There are a number of smaller roles as well, timing for the weekly TTs, leading beginner cycles, ordering club gear, etc.

How do I become involved in club activities?

Come along to training sessions, introduce yourself, ask questions. Follow our facebook page or take a look at the detail here to see where and when we train. At the end of the year, we hold an AGM usually in early November, see the website for details.

Does the club cater for all levels of triathlete?

The club has members ranging from absolute beginners right up to people competing on the professional circuit.

Does CTC have Junior Membership?

Yes. Over the last several years the club has established a junior section.  The club tries to ensure Juniors can be catered for at club training sessions. Both the swim sessions at Leisureworld Bishopstown and Leisureworld Churchfield, and the club runs currently cater for Juniors with coaches with the relevant qualifications. On request Cork Tri Club will try to cater for Juniors at our other sessions.

Our Junior Co-ordinator may be contacted at

In recent years Triathlon Ireland have a programme of events specifically for juniors throughout the season.  A calendar of junior events is published by TI every year.

Please read our poster containing important information on child protection contacts for the club.

How do I find out about club activities?

All the club activities and events are advertised on the club website, Registration for limited numbers events is also through the website with payment when required organised via Paypal.

Currently there is a weekly email to members notifying of upcoming events, club events, races coaching, TI notices etc. This newsletter comes from the email address, it is sent to the email you used to register your TI account with. If you aren’t receiving, please first check that it’s not going to your junk mail. 

There is also a CTC Facebook page.   This is used with notices about events, training, social activities and embarrassing photos! Be sure to follow our facebook page.