Wednesday Speed Session 19th June

From the weather forecast it looks like we will have a nice warm evening, perfect for speed work! We haven’t done this session this year but it is very helpful for giving people a real feel for pacing. It is also a deceptive session as it will feel relatively easy at the start but if done correctly people will be hanging by the end. So the session is to start with a block of 400m but the idea is to run the 400s at a pace that can be sustained over the subsequent 800s and finally a 1600m. So if you run 80s for your initial 400s, the 800s should be run at 2m:40s and the final 1600m at 5:20. The temptation is to go too hard over the 400s and then not be able to sustain the pace over the 800s and 1600m.


Easy warm up

Dynamic Stretch


4 x 400m with 200m easy recovery jog

2 x 800m at the same pace as the 400s with 400m easy recovery jog

1 x 1600m at the same pace as the 400s

Cool down

As we have been doing over the last few weeks the session will be on the back rugby pitch in the Ballincollig Regional Park, the best place to park is the small carpark by the Ballincollig Community Allotments, this is also the location of the start of the Ballincollig Park Run. The rugby pitch is about 4-500m from the carpark.

The session starts at 7:00pm sharp, please try to arrive a little early.