Cork Triathlon Club partnership with Base Fitness Health

CTC has begun a partnership with Base Fitness, Richfield Business Park, Ballycurreen with a number of benefits for Cork Tri members.

Member Benefits

Cork Triathlon Club members can avail of the following at BASE Fitness Health:

  • Reduced Gym Memberships: Use the functional gym at a specially discounted rate. Gym only rate for CTC Members 40 euro.
  • Fitness Classes Abound: Diversify your fitness routine with an array of professionally curated classes, to prevent injury, enhance performance and improve overall health & wellbeing. Cork Triathlon Club will have dedicated fitness classes for the club throughout the year.
  • Discounts on Personal Training Sessions: Elevate your fitness journey with personalised guidance from experienced trainers. CTC members receive 10% off personal training memberships.
  • CTC Information Days / workshops at the Gym: Expand your knowledge through exclusive information days and workshops hosted within BASE Fitness Health for CTC Members. 

This collaboration aims to cultivate an environment that fosters fitness, camaraderie, and continuous personal growth.

CTC have dedicated fitness classes for the club on Monday evenings from 7-8pm & 8-9pm.

BASE run this private block of fitness classes in 10-week blocks – Cost for athletes is 120 euro.

CTC links to join Base with discounted membership

*Members of CTC can attend any of the BASE Group Training fitness classes with BASE Health and BASE Plus membership.

BASE explains: Benefits of Strength Training for Triathletes

We often think of strength training as something for people looking to gain massive amounts of muscle or a certain aesthetic, but as endurance athletes, we can find significant benefits in strength training as well. It’s important to note that you won’t end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you start lifting weights. So, don’t worry about gaining too much muscle.

Injury Prevention and Performance Improvement:

Many endurance athletes solely rely on cardiovascular training, which can lead to injuries over time.

Strength training can help reduce the risk of strains, sprains, and stress fractures by providing greater support for joints.

Research shows that runners who combine running with heavy resistance training have greater bone density than those who only run.

Muscular Strength and Power Enhancement:

Endurance sports demand not only good endurance but also strength and power.

Strengthening muscles, joints, and ligaments can improve their ability to handle the demands of endurance activities.

Increased strength and power are essential for optimal performance in swimming, biking, and running.

Technique Improvement:

Strength training can promote more efficient technique in swimming, cycling, and running.

Exercises focusing on hip and core stability can enhance running posture and efficiency.

Strengthening specific muscles used in swimming strokes can improve stroke power and technique.

For cycling, stronger quads, glutes, core, and upper back can enhance power output and posture.

Takeaway Points:

  • Strength training, when done correctly, won’t lead to excessive muscle gain or hamper endurance performance.
  • It significantly reduces the risk of injuries, which is crucial for endurance athletes looking to improve.
  • Improved muscular strength and power help produce more force and maintain better technique.
  • Enhanced technique in swimming, cycling, and running can be achieved through targeted strength training exercises.