Track Session August 23rd

Well done to everyone who got through either the 70.3 or the full IM last weekend. Usual health warning for the session on Wednesday, anyone who did the full would be foolish to consider doing a track session this week, take a well earned rest. By all means if you want to have a social jog with some of the others come down and have an easy chatty jog around the outside lanes. For people who did the 70.3 you should also consider taking it easy, certainly don’t do a full session of 6 x 800m. Anyone who did not do either and is doing the Lost Sheep, its a good time to put in a good hard set.


Easy warm up

Dynamic Stretch


6 x 800m with 4oom easy recovery jog

Cool Down

Usual arrangements, session starts at 7:00pm, so meet just outside the entrance to the track at about 6:50pm. Please register here on Eventbrite.