Wednesday Track Session 14th June

Back to 800s this week. There should be no issue with recovery from Schull for anyone who wants to do the full session. For anyone racing next weekend, Tri an Mhi, Ballinskelligs, or Blackwater there should be time for recovery particularly for Blackwater as it’s on Sunday but the decision is up to each individual.

People also need to critically review which groups they are running in. Last week we had 4 groups:

Group 1 was absolutely rock solid on 77s for all 12 of the 400s (Adrian and Marc)

Group 2 (lead by James) was also coming in on 77-78s, back of group 90-92s

Group 3 Was coming in on 88-90s and this was faster than the back end of group 2

Group 4 Front end in at between 1m:42s-1m:45 but on occasion dropping to 1:38 faster than the back of group 3


Easy warm up

Dynamic Stretch


6 x 800m with 400m easy recovery jog

Cool down

Session starts at 7:00pm as soon as St Finbarr’s finish up their session. Please register here on Eventbrite.#