Track Session Wednesday 10th May

Going to go long this week with 3 x 1600m. This is an ideal set for anyone going long in their triathlon season (70.3 and up). A relatively long recovery at 800m but the 1600s will be tough. Ideally everyone should aim to be even across the 4 laps of each 1600m and also even across the three 1600s.

Usual arrangements, meet at about 6:50pm outside the track, the session starts at 7:00pm. There is no parking inside the Mardyke complex and the security guards are pretty strict on this.


Easy laps for warm-up

Dynamic Stretch


3 x 1600m with 800m recovery jog

Cool Down

This will be the last week of Noel’s “New to Track” sessions. Also if there is anyone not running, particularly any of the Tri Leaders, some help with the time keeping would be very useful.

Please register here for the New to Track session, and here for the main track session.