CTC equipment for loan

CTC has a number of essential items that are available for loan to members for specified periods of time. The items were secured, thanks to Sports Capital Grant funding in 2022.

Some items are already out on loan and Equipment Officer – Brendan O’Neill – can advise on the availability of the equipment on request. A query can also be sent to admin@corktri.com.

An outline of the Loan policy – including the obligations of members who borrow CTC equipment – is included below.

Smart Turbo Trainer ZWIFT Direto XR-T Elite x 3Direct drive turbo (no rear wheel needed)
Meridian Disc Brake Road Bike (S/M) X 2Meridian Disc Brake Road Bike
Meridian Disc Brake Road Bike (M/L) x 1Meridian Disc Brake Road Bike
Rigid Bike Transport Box x 3Available for international travel
Rear Disc WheelFast Forward “F4RS” rim brake wheelset (Front and Rear) with Maxxis tyres and a Shimano 105 cassette
Rim Brake WheelsetFast Forward “F4RS” rim brake wheelset (Front and Rear) with maxxis tyres and a Shimano 105 cassette
Tow BuoysInflatable swim tow buoys

Meridian Disc Brake Road Bike x 3

Rigid Bike Transport Box x 3

Loan Policy

  • Loan of the larger pieces of equipment should be approved by the club executive, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, in conjunction with the Equipment Manager
  • Larger items include: PA system, bikes, turbo trainers, bike boxes and wheels
  • Smaller items may be loaned at the individual discretion of coaches and equipment manager
  • Smaller items include: tow floats, hand paddles, swim fins etc
  • A deposit should be paid by the user for the larger items, amount to be decided by committee
  • Items should be loaned out for a specific amount of time and should be returned on or before the agreed date
  • Person receiving the equipment is responsible for making good any damage to the item
  • In the event of a bike being stolen or irreparably damaged, the person to whom it has been loaned will be required to repay 40% of the cost of the bike to the club.
  • A record of the whereabouts of all items will be kept by the Equipment Manager


  • For bikes €100
  • For bike boxes €75
  • For turbo trainers €50
  • Race Wheels €75
  • Disc Wheel €50

Replacement Cost

In the event of irreparable damage or loss of the items

  • Bikes €500
  • Bike Boxes €150
  • Turbo Trainers €100
  • Race Wheels €150
  • Disc Wheel €100