We’re Back on the Track Wednesday April 5th

Our Wednesday run sessions move to the track this week The session is on the Sonia O’Sullivan Track in the UCC Grounds on the Mardyke. Session starts at 7:00am sharp, try to get there at about 6:50pm, wait outside the track at the side of the old pavillion (red brick building) by the side entrance to the track. St Finbarr’s AC have the track for the hour before us so we wait for them to finish up, they are quite punctual. The format of the sessions is, easy warm-up jog to about 7 or 8 minutes past 7:00pm, dynamic stretch, strides, main set and finally a cool down.

For the first 6 weeks Noel O’Regan will be running a “New to Track” programme. This is ideal for anyone who has not done any track sessions before. For the main session we will be going through sessions of 400m, 800m, 1200m and 1600m.

Please register for the sessions on Eventbrite every week, for the New to Track register here for the main session register here.

The track sessions are a little different than the winter tempo sessions as we approach the competition season the intensity should be coming up a bit. The recovery is a bit longer than for the tempo sessions at about 1:1 rather than the the recovery being about 50% of the run time.

We will ease into the volume of the session over the first weeks, starting with 8 x 400m with 200m recovery jog.

There is no parking inside the Mardyke grounds unless you are a member of the Mardyke Arena. There is a security guard at the entrance and they are quite strict. There is some on-street parking around and it is only a short jog from the parking at the County Hall.


Easy warm-up jog

Dynamic stretch


Main Set

8 x 400m with 200m recovery jog

Cool down