Wednesday Run 15th March

Second week of 4 hill repeats during March, they are tough but well worth doing. The meeting arrangements are the same as last week, meeting at 6:30pm at the carpark on the city side of the Kingsley Hotel. As last week there will be a short warm up lap around the Lee Fields, probably go a bit further out this week as the walkway by the Mardyke was closed. Upping the number of repeats to 7. The light will have faded before the session finishes so please continue to wear some Hi-Viz clothing.


Easy warm up jog, about 3km

7 x hill repeats on Rose Hill, easy jog down as recovery

Easy run back to the Straight Road

Same as the tempo sessions these hill repeats are suitable for all levels, we had a few new club members last week and they seemed to enjoy (??) it. You only have to go as far up the hill as your fitness or ability allows. Please register for the session here on Eventbrite.