Wednesday Run 28th September UCC Farm (Sports Grounds) at 6:30pm

Last run of the season before a short break and then we get into our autumn/ winter schedule. Back on the UCC Farm this week for a run on grass again. The run will follow the same format as the other weeks with a short warm up, some dynamic stretch exercises, a few strides and then the main set. As the season officially ended with Ballyhass last Sunday we will try to add an element of fun and unpredictibility to the run and do a Fartlek session to finish. Full format to be explained at the Farm tomorrow evening.

Meet at 6:30pm at point 3 on the map, come ready to run. There is parking outside the gates to the grounds, park up from the gates towards the roundabout. If you are cycling you will need to bring a lock for your bike. The 208 bus stops at the technology park entrance outside the Sports Grounds (the 4 white buildings in the photograph).

Because we run on a 1km closed loop the session is suitable for all levels. We are taking a 2 week break and will resume on Wednesday 19th October with the sessions in the Technology park on the Model Farm Road.